Kelly Ripa Shares 'It's OK, It's Not OK' List During Coronavirus Outbreak: 'It Struck a Chord'

Kelly Ripa is right there with her fans during the coronavirus pandemic when it comes to not quite knowing how to feel, and she expressed that uncertainty in an Instagram post on Monday, March 23. The Live With Kelly and Ryan host shared her "It's OK/ It's Not OK list," sharing that she's feeling just the same as many others amid the current situation.

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"It's ok to feel scared and alone and helpless," the list began. "It's ok to feel overwhelmed worrying about money, jobs and the sheer number of cases. It's ok to think you're developing symptoms every time you read a new news article. It's ok to not know what to say to your kids when they ask why."

"It's ok to not understand the math that your kids are doing in school. It's ok to feel frustrated that you can't hug your parents or convince them to stay inside," Ripa continued. "It's ok to cook the same thing over and over then reheat the leftovers. It's ok to work from home in your pajamas. It's ok to watch mindless TV. It's even ok to make TikTok videos with your kids."

The second page of her post included things that are "not OK" to do.

"It is not ok to congregate in large groups," the message read. "It's not ok to shake hands. It is not ok to hoard toilet paper, food and alcohol. It is not ok to profiteer from hand sanitizer. It is not ok to pretend that you're feeling fine if you aren';t It is not ok to not wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water."

"It is not ok to only think of yourself. It is not ok to judge others ever, but especially now. It is not ok to give up. It is not ok to suffer anxiety attacks in silence," Ripa concluded. "Be good to one another. We'll get through it together."

"Because it struck a chord," the host's caption read. "Here's my It's OK/ It's Not OK list. I'm sure you have your own."


Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos have reportedly donated $1 million to coronavirus relief efforts, a source told PEOPLE. The source said the couple's donation will be allocated in part to the New York Governor's Office for the purchase of ventilators and towards WIN, which runs a number of women's shelters across New York City.

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