R.D. Call, 'Born on the Fourth of July' and 'Last Man Standing' Actor, Dead at 70 After Back Surgery

It's been reported that actor R.D. Call — known for films such as Born on the Fourth of July and Last Man Standing — is dead at the age of 70, after recently undergoing back surgery. According to a listing for Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries, Call "left this earth on Thursday, February 27, 2020 after battling back surgery and courageously dealing with intense pain." In addition to the aforementioned films, Call also starred in movies like Waterworld, Murder by Number, and The Weight of Water.

Call's full name was Roy Dana Call, but he was simply know as R.D. to most. His obituary states that while he loved acting, the "profession was not an easy life, and often frustration and depression would set in. R.D. fought an addiction with alcohol for many years.

"At one point he was at what he called 'rock bottom' and was heading either to possible suicide or recovery. Thanks to God he chose recovery and went into hospital rehab for many months. Coming out sober, R.D. joined Alcoholics Anonymous and celebrated his 26th year of sobriety this year. Last year he received his 27th year chip in Los Angeles."

Call's family went on to say, "He was very proud and we were also very proud of his accomplishments to remain alcohol free. Last year he even gave up smoking! He was a fighter all off his life. R.D. devoted his life to A.A. to helping himself and others to fight the fight and sponsored many friends who also won that battle. Roy has made hundreds of good friends in his association with A.A. God bless his good work. It really became his religion and he adhered to the 12 principals all his older adult life."

Elaborating on his recent health issues, the family said, "R.D. struggled for the last few years with major back pain and had surgery last year and again just last week on the 24 of February to correct the problem. His hope was that this would be a turning point. It however turned out to be a difficult week and the pain continued."


Ultimately, Call's situation did not improve, and he passed away.

Call "is survived by his brother, Rick (Susette) Call, sisters, Quay (Gus) Burbank, Cindy, (Larry) Thomas and many nephews and nieces, cousins, and his Uncle Lane and Aunt Evelyn Call."