Jason Momoa Slams 'Coward Thief' Who's Been Scamming His Fans

Jason Momoa is the latest celebrity whose identity has been used to scam fans, and he is not happy. The Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor took to his Instagram story on Monday to rip an anonymous scammer, all while warning his fans to not believe everything they read. Based on screenshots Momoa shared, the scammer first reached out to a fan posing as Momoa before pretending to be people who work with the actor.

"How are you doing and how is everything going with you and the family?" the impersonator wrote, saying it was a message sent from the actor's iPhone.

"If u got this email sorry it is not from its from some f—ing coward thief. I hope I find you," Momoa wrote on Instagram alongside the scammer's message.

To corroborate the first message, the scammer then sent a message from another account while pretending to be Patrick Whitesell, an executive at William Morris Endeavor (WME).

"Miss [redacted] I was asked to send you an email to confirm that it was really my client Jason Momoa who contacted you, I can confirm it was Jason, I hope this clears this matter up. Sincerely Patrick Whitesell, Agent William Morris Endeavor," the imposter wrote.

Momoa branded this email as "bulls— lies."

However, the scam artist did not stop there. They sent a third email to the unnamed Momoa fan, this time pretending to be the See and Frontier star's assistant. In the message, the scammer claimed that Momoa wanted to cast the fan in his next movie.

"Dear Miss [redacted]. My name is Jean Victoria and I am the executive assistant for Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, Jason is very interested in having you join him in a movie project he will doing next year, if you can get back to us ASAP with a contact number, Jason is filming right now and said he will be happy to call you back personally," they wrote, signing the message "Jean Victoria for Jason Momoa."

Momoa bashed this third attempt wanted fans to know he would not ever email them.

"This guy is f—ed up," Momoa wrote. "Trust no one I'm not emailing anyone."


No word on if Momoa is attempting to pursue legal action against the imposter.

Photo Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Louis Vuitton