Disney Channel Star Dove Cameron's Piercing Reveal Had Fans Feeling Her Pain

Disney star Dove Cameron is no stranger to controversy on social media. The Descendants actress is always getting some sort of criticism for her revealing photos from the shower, risqué selfies and just a general attitude that doesn't sit well with your typical Disney Channel viewers.

Recently she caused quite the stir with a selfie on Instagram where she went braless, shocking some fans and forcing a few to lash out with lectures in the comments. Cameron responded to criticism of her being a role model by debuting two more shots featuring her with pink hair and then another of a video of her getting a new piercing. Both stirred a lot of reactions online, with the piercing especially bringing out some pain in people.

The braless photos really inspired a lot of commenters to let their inner parent take over to lecture the Disney Channel star, but others stood up to defend the actress.

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"I'm proud to say you are my role model because you’re always so positive and you stand up for what’s right," one user wrote in defense at the time.

But the reactions for the piercing video were far, far different.

"[You] have multiple tattoos and you act like this while getting pierced," one fan wrote. "[I've] never related to you more than in this moment right here."

"[Laugh out loud] the real face of "laughing nervously," another added in. "The panic is real."

"Piercings are addicting tattoos are addicting ur face is addicting," a third added in.

"[I] can see how real the panic was and i’m kind of scared for you lol, but pics of the piercing pls your adorable!!" a fourth fan comforted the star.

While controversy does come for the starlet, she is no stranger to standing her ground and earning respect in the process.

While being criticized for her revealing photos on social media, Cameron posted why she decides to share such images.


"[I] agree with you in the sense that it is not that deep. or groundbreaking whatsoever. or anything really to talk about. but it’s only a big deal because this society is so beyond backwards that they have demonized basic anatomy and are very ! up ! in arms ! about female bodily freedom," Cameron wrote in response to the critics. "[They’re] confused and loud about it. so, technically, it’s not a big deal, and it shouldn’t be, and the idea behind posting something like this is to normalize it. because a lot of girls feel confused about their bodies and what it means to be a woman (in a surface way, on this specific subject, about sexuality and men and who their body belongs to bc of long-lasting systemic repression) . so. it’s cool to be like, it’s whatever. embrace yourself. don’t hide, if you wanna, and wear a bra, if you wanna. but don’t hide to avoid the backlash. because you don’t deserve to have assholes giving you shit about YOUR BODY."

You have to admire the Disney Channel star just a bit.