Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's Families Reportedly Urge Them to 'Breathe' Before Divorce

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are separated, but their loved ones are urging them to think carefully before getting an official divorce. The couple is reportedly taking time apart due to their different interests and lifestyles at the moment, but that does not mean they have to go through the messy process of splitting their lives apart already.

Cyrus and Hemsworth have gone through tough patches and times apart before, yet they always seem to make their way back to each other. For that reason, sources close to them told E! News, their families are hoping that they will take their time deciding whether divorce is really the course they want to follow.

"Their families have urged them to take some time to breathe before they make any final decisions," the insider said. "They are both upset about how this has blown up and are both hurting right now."

The source added that "they were in a great place" leading up to their wedding back in December, which was part of the reason they decided to "finally tie the knot." However, in the months since, as both Cyrus and Hemsworth got back to work and day-to-day life, the insider said that "their relationship completely changed."

"Miley got back in the studio and was focused and serious about her new music," they noted, while "Liam was continuing to party with his friends."

Contrary to popular perception, the source said that it was Cyrus who was looking for a more settled, stable routine, as she no longer feels the urge to go out partying all the time.

"They used to party, but Miley outgrew that phase," they said.

For now, sources told the outlet that Cyrus is "willing" to see how the separation plays out before initiating a divorce. Hemsworth seems to be on board with this too, as he is "clearing his head" back home in Australia. The couple reportedly "plan to spend a lot of time apart," hoping that they will come to understand their true feelings in the meantime.

"There's definitely a chance that they will get back together," the insider said. For now, they plan on "trying not to communicate and really give each other space," acknowledging that "both are hurting right now."


As other reports have noted, Hemsworth was shocked by photos of Cyrus and reality star Kaitlynn Carter kissing on an Italian vacation. The two are continuing to spend time together, while Cyrus' new single "Slide Away," seems to address her post-split feelings. With all of this to work out, the only thing the two need now is time.

"Neither Miley or Liam have decided when they are going to take the next step of filing for divorce, because there is a chance of reconciliation," the source concluded.