'Game of Thrones' Alum Sophie Turner Slays Viral Bottle Cap Challenge With Hilarious Video

Sophie Turner laid down the law on "bottle cap challenge" this week, telling fans to stop participating in the viral sensation once and for all. Turner posted a clip on her Instagram Story mocking the challenge on Friday, but it soon moved on to other platforms where it was a huge hit.

Turner's bottle cap challenge video was apparently filmed on a plane, where she sat by the window clutching a stuffed animal. The Game of Thrones star was dressed for travel comfort, but that did not stop her from taking on the Internet's fad of the day. Turner feigned a look of concentration for a moment before abruptly reaching out and twisting the cap off of the bottle in front of her.

"Stop this. Now," she commanded before taking a sip.

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Showing everyone how it’s done... #SophieTurner is queen of the #BottleCapChallenge 👑🍷🤣 (🎥: @sophiet)

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As much as she was against the bottle cap challenge, Turner was self-effacing as well. She wrote "I look terrible but someone's gotta do it" in text over the video, along with a shrugging emoji. In the background of the clip, a male voice could be heard laughing -- likely her husband, Joe Jonas.

For those that do not follow, the bottle cap challenge is an online sensation where social media users try to kick the caps off of twist-top bottles. In most cases, they do so by quickly but gently grazing the side of the cap, spinning it off of the bottle without disturbing the vessel itself. However, there have been plenty of creative interpretations already.

So far, some of the biggest celebrity names to take part in the challenge include John Mayer, Jason Statham and Justin Bieber, who all played it relatively straight. Turner's friend and wedding D.J. Diplo gave it a try too, and passed the challenge on to former President Barack Obama, who has yet to respond.

Others have put their own unique spin on the challenge, pun intended. Hailey Bieber kicked her bottle while driving past it on an ATV in a flawless slow motion video. Kendall Jenner did her one better, doing the same on a jet ski in the Mediterranean Sea.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey appears to have sung the cap off of a bottle with a high-pitched note, and countless others used the opportunity to promote their sponsored bottled goods.


The celebrity with the most similar take to Turner, however, has been Snoop Dogg. The rapper posted a video on Instagram last week denouncing the onslaught of viral videos and all of those who were making them.

"I'm sick of this f—ing bottle s—," he said. "Why the f— you kicking the tops off of bottles you goofy motherf—ers? Who the f— making up these dumb ass challenges? Kicking the top off of a f—ing bottle? This the new challenge: pick up the motherf—ing phone, and say shut the f— up, b—. That's the new challenge, motherf—er."


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