'Crazy Rich Asians' Fans Try to Make Sense of Gemma Chan's Alleged Shade on Constance Wu's Tweetstorm

There has been no shortage of takes and reactions to Constance Wu's NSFW tweets related to the renewal of Fresh Off the Boat. That interest in assumption only swelled after her Crazy Rich Asians co-star Gemma Chan allegedly shaded Wu by liking a tweet that criticized the actress and was later deleted.

Fans have been eagle-eyed about what they saw on social media, how it disappeared, and the official statements made by each actress since that point. While some are willing to accept the official narrative, many are focused on trying to assemble their own narrative, stir up some drama, and read the tea leaves.

Chan commented on the drama surrounding her "like" on Twitter and tried to kill the rumors that she had drama with her co-star.

"Just to clarify - it was an accidental 'like'. Anyone looking for drama or beef, sorry to disappoint," Chan posted along with a GIF of a woman dodging lasers. "Future me dodging the like button whilst scrolling."

The problem with this response is that many fans either didn't fully buy it or were willing to give her a winking nod.


"Good cause... I need the CRA sequel to have ALL the girls," another added.

"On various platforms, I have accidentally blocked and messaged people. I have liked horrible statements by trolls. And I once unfriended my mother, who I think is still suspicious," a third shared about their own issues.

But if the slight mixture for Chan's message seems wild, it is nothing compared to the attention being paid to Constance Wu's Twitter feed.

The Fresh Off the Boat actress has been hit with numerous comments and accusations since her initial tweets on Friday. Her latest explanation for her outburst came in the form of a large typed note, but still seemed to feature a divided line of supporters and critics for her initial tweets.

"struggling actors are mad at you for being successful?" one fan wrote.

"I know enough actors and actresses that *this* was my assumption of what happened," a supportive fan wrote. "Actors don't have the luxury of waiting until a project is officially over before trying to land the next job. And sometimes that means sacrificing a dream job for a contractual obligation."

But there were many who took exception for the response and singled out the final line of her letter as a bit tone-deaf.

"[Constance Wu] did you really just tie in your small misstep to the larger issue of believing victims of sexual assault? This could have all blown over until you had the audacity to add in that final sentence. My Asian sis, I wanna support you but that last sentence was unnecessary," one upset commenter wrote.

The "believe women" line has been connected to sexual assault conversations and the #MeToo, so the placement is troublesome. That said there is a history of women being treated differently in similar situations. Similar scrutiny has been reserved for some female celebrities in the past, but seems to be silent when males do the same thing.


"i just saw someone tweet "nobody ever chewed out katherine heigl like they're doing to constance wu right now" and like....where were you in 2009.....they literally made her get double cancer and f— a ghost," another fan wrote on Twitter.

These fans are definitely full of opinions and will likely continue to share them over the weekend. That said, both actresses have made their final comments and we're not likely to hear anything new. So the speculation wheels will continue to turn with no indication what is factual and what isn't.