'That ‘70s Show' Stars Wilmer Valderrama and Topher Grace Reunite at Los Angeles Event

Who doesn't love a reunion? Especially when it involves cast members of the once popular show, That '70s Show!

Wilmer Valderrama, who played the character of Fez, and Topher Grace, who played Eric Forman, were spotted on the black carpet at the Art of Elysium event in Los Angeles, California.

Willmer Valderrama
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Valderrama was seen wearing a black suit paired with a grey shirt and black tie.

Topher, also sporting a black suit, was accompanied by his wife Ashley Hinshaw, who stunned in a black lace dress.

Topher Grace and wife
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The two are obviously still friends and have both spoken publicly on a potential That 70's Movie. Valderrama told ComicBook.com he's joked about the cast rejoining to shoot the film for a while now.

"I've always joked about That '70s Movie," Valderrama said. "That's one thing we could probably come together and do, to get a couple of us together and do a road trip movie."

Each cast member has gone off to succeed in the world of television and film since departing from the the popular show in the early 2000's.

Laura Prepon went on to star in Orange Is the New Black. Valderrama went on to appear in shows like NCIS and Greys Anatomy, even rejoining his That '70s Show cast mate Danny Masterson in The Ranch. Ashton Kutcher went on to star in Two and a Half Men — oh, and he also married his That '70s Show on-screen girlfriend, Jackie Burkhart, played by Mila Kunis, in real life! Kutcher and Kunis have been married since 2015 and have two children together, Wyatt, 4, and Dimitri, 2.

Speaking of Kunis, she went on to star in movies like Black Swan, Friends With Benefits and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Danny Masterson DJ'd for a bit, then went on to play the character of Jameson "Rooster" Bennett in Netflix's The Ranch. Grace performed in War Machine starring Brad Pitt. It's apparent they've all stayed busy since splitting up.

Obviously age would play a role in the movie based on everyone's favorite bell-bottomed cast — if they decided to follow through with it. Not to worry, there's ways around that.

"We obviously look older so I think we'd probably maybe do 10 years later. That '70s Movie but a 10-year high school reunion or something, everyone still looks young enough that we can play that," Valderrama suggested.

Grace is in agreement and down to bring the trendy cast back to life.


"I would do it for sure because that was a very wonderful time for us," Grace said. "We were all very close, having that experience every single day with each other. It was great to broadcast it out once a week, but, like, I'm still great friends with those guys."

Only time will tell if Steven Hyde, Donna Pinciotti, Fez, Burkhart, Michael Kelso, and Forman will get back together for one last hurrah.