Parker McKenna Posey Dishes on Going From ‘My Wife and Kids’ to the ‘Drama, Lies’ of BET’s ‘Games People Play’


Parker McKenna Posey Dishes on Going From ‘My Wife and Kids’ to the ‘Drama, Lies’ of BET’s ‘Games People Play’

Kylie Jenner Shares Rare Goofy Picture of Sister Kendall in Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shoot

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner often stay super busy between filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians, designing new looks for their line Kendall + Kylie, and managing their personal lives in between. But every now and again, they reassure fans they know how to have some fun in the midst of it all.

Kylie recently posted a photo on her Instagram of the two sisters appearing to model outfits for their fashion line. The black and white photo shows Kylie rocking an all-white dress and booties with some stellar shades, while Kendall shows off her model physique in black pants and shoes with a black spaghetti-strap top sporting a hat.

Kylie teased fans in the post with, "swipe for a surprise."

Kendall and Kylie

When fans swiped — because why wouldn't they with a caption like that — the photo shows each sister having a little fun making cute — less serious and model-like — faces.

Kendall and Kylie 2

Kylie's holding her sister Kendall's wrist while sticking her tongue out, and Kendall looks like she's along for the ride!

The two seem to have no shame in sharing their fun times together. Back in March 2018, they shared a casual "day off" photo for the world to see that showed Kendall laying on top of a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, with Kylie looking up at her as she leans on the side. Both are in black robes and black slippers just relaxing the day away.

Kendall appears to be feeling happier in Kylie's most recent post, despite what's been reported lately of her feeling depressed after backlash received over her new partnership with Proactiv.

"Kendall isn't responding very [well] to the backlash regarding her acne ad. She's depressed and hurt by the comments," a source said. "It's bringing up the same feeling she had when her Pepsi commercial was attacked as incentive and tone-deaf. Looking for sympathy from bullying is one thing, but getting paid big bucks for it doesn't fly."

Like the source said, Kendall received backlash after a Pepsi commercial she starred in as well.

"She's extremely upset," the source explained. "Kendall feels like she's clearly not getting good advice on what to promote, or at least on how to execute it in a non-offensive manner. Someone dropped the ball and Kendall, once again, was left stuck holding the bag."


Adding that while Kendall's Proactiv check will clear, her name and brand will suffer.

Luckily, the new face of Proactiv has plenty of sisters who ride those same waves with her and to give her love and support through the choppy times. Clearly, she's been having some fun with Kylie and the fans love it!