Amy Schumer Will Not Change Last Name Because of Long Island Lolita

Amy Schumer revealed on Sunday why she isn't changing her name after her recent wedding, and it has to do with an infamous crime in her home of Long Island.

Schumer revealed that she was keeping her last name in her Instagram Story, when her father asked.

"Are you still Amy Schumer or are you Amy Fischer now?" the actress' dad asked her in the temporary video.

“I’m not Amy Fischer!" Schumer said. "Do you remember who Amy Fisher is? The Long Island Lolita.”

She was referring to the Amy Fisher who made headlines in 1992 when, at the age of 17 she made national headlines by shooting the wife of her illicit lover, Joey Buttafuoco. Buttafuoco is not only 18 years older than Fisher, but was married at the time to a woman named Mary Jo Buttafuoco. The crime earned Fisher seven years in prison for first-degree aggravated assault, and got her the nickname "The Long Island Lolita."

“No, I’m keeping my last name — I’m keeping your last name," Schumer concluded.

Schumer is seven years younger than Fisher, though she grew up in Rickville Centre, New York, not far from Massapequa, where the infamous crime unfolded.

Schumer married her celebrity chef boyfriend, Chris Fischer, in a secret ceremony in February. The couple just returned from their honeymoon in Italy last week. Schumer was private about the wedding ceremony, though she shared pictures and videos of their food-filled trip through Europe all along the way. The couple could be seen riding segways, sipping cappuccinos and shopping for cured meats.

Fischer is renowned for his award-winning cookbook. He also runs his family's farm, the Beetlebung Farm, in Martha's Vineyard. Previously, he worked under Mario Batali, the now disgraced celebrity chef who was accused of sexual harassment in the wake of the Me Too movement.


As for The Long Island Lolita, she was released from prison in 1999. She worked as a journalist for a time, and dictated a book about her experiences titled, If I Knew Then... She had public reunions with both Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco on television. Ultimately, she went on to work as an adult film star from 2007 to 2011, before retiring and moving to Florida.

The Buttafuocos remained married until 2003, despite the shooting and subsequent turmoil. Buttafuoco also served six months in prison after pleading guilty to statutory rape due to his relationship with Fisher.