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'Gold Rush' Season 10: Discovery Unveils Wild First Look Trailer (Exclusive)

Sally Field's Son Finally Meets Olympic Crush Adam Rippon

During the 2018 Winter Olympics last month, Sally Field tried to set her son, Sam Greisman, up with figure skater Adam Rippon and the two finally met this weekend at an event.

sally field son meets adam rippon
(Photo: Twitter/Sam Greisman)

Greisman, a filmmaker, posted the photo on Twitter Saturday. "Thanks, mom," he wrote.

The meeting happened at the Human Rights Campaign's annual gala at the J.W. Marriot in Los Angeles. The 28-year-old Rippon was there to pick up the Visibility Award.

"I can remember the first the first time I shared with someone I was gay and I could feel this huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders,” Rippon said in his acceptance speech, reports The Hollywood Reporter. “I felt reborn. I like to talk about my coming out because coming out has been the most liberating experience of my life. I hope that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, has their own coming out experience. When you can share who you are with the world, you will find great power.”

Back on Feb. 16, Greisman posted a screenshot from a text conversation with his two-time Oscar-winning mom about his crush on Rippon. "Sam... he's insanely pretty. Find a way," Field wrote.

"Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush," Greisman wrote.

Fields then publicly pushed her son by retweeting his post and tagging Rippon.

"Sam was mortified. I have to bud out now..but I would like to see Adam in the family," Field later told BuzzFeed.

"She bold," Rippon told Buzzfeed. "Sam, your mom - I admire her. And I'm sure one day we're going to meet! So thanks, mom."

After the Olympics, Rippon told Ellen Degeneres he reached out to Greisman.

"I said, 'I admire your mom so much because she has courage.' If there is anything I admire, it's some hutzpah and she definitely has it," Rippon told DeGeneres. "I told him don't be embarrassed about your mom. So we went back and forth. So I did finally reach out."

Greisman is Field's son from her marriage to Alan Greisman. She also has two sons from her first marriage, Peter Craig and Eli Craig. All three have followed their mother into the entertainment business.


As for Rippon, he became the first openly gay male U.S. athlete to win a medal. He shared bronze with Team U.S.A. in the figure skating team event.

Photo credit: Twitter/ Sam Greisman