Kourtney Kardashian Spotted in Hoodie With Bizarre Message While Accompanying Kylie Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian stepped out with Kylie Jenner on Friday, and while she appeared to be keeping a low profile, the strange slogan on her hoodie has people scratching their heads.

Kardashian appeared to be keeping her half-sister company on a trip to the dermatologist. She wore large sunglasses and lifted her purse to cover her face. She had on sneakers and black leggings, with a big yellow hoodie that read, "What would you do if I died before you?" in big letters on the back.

Despite the flashy sweatshirt, Kardashian didn't seem interested in garnering any attention. The photos that are published on DailyMail, show the reality star trying to dodge paparazzi as she heads into the doctor's office. Jenner, the 20-year-old new mother, looked equally subdued, wearing a big black rain coat, leggings, and black sneakers. She too covered her face as she made her way into the building.

Kardashian's hoodie is reportedly a product of Kanye West's Yeezy collection, where hooded sweatshirts often range over $300.

The sisters went for skin treatment just a few days after the announcement that Jenner is launching a cosmetics line named for her new daughter. "The Weather Collection" was reportedly named for Stormi Webster, the make-up moguls newborn with boyfriend Travis Scott.

Jenner reportedly trademarked her daughter's name several months before she was born so that she could capitalize on it with this new collection. The news drew raised eyebrows from some, who felt that it was a little tacky to take branding so far. However, a source told The Sun that "Kylie's been dreaming up baby names for around two years -- as her best friend said in the pregnancy video, she's wanted to be a mom forever."

"A new make-up range as already in the planning when she found out she was pregnant," they continued, "so the idea came together over the pregnancy and when Kylie chose the name Stormi it was really early on. She had to decide months back what name she wanted so they could start working on the packaging and the theme for the new line."

Jenner's economic power can't be underestimated, as she dealt a huge blow to Snapchat this past week. The young reality star is the most followed user on the app, yet on Wednesday, she tweeted about her growing distaste for the platform.


“Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad,” she wrote. The company's shares sank by about 7.2% on Thursday, reducing the market value by $1.3 billion. It's still unclear whether the tweet was a reference to the app's recent updates, which many users have not cared for, or Jenner's status as a new mother.

“Still love you tho snap,” she wrote 20 minutes later. “My first love.”