Exclusive: Lisa Bloom Responds to Death Threats Over Blac Chyna Sex Tape

Representing Blac Chyna in a court of law has its major risks, as Chyna’s lawyers have reportedly been the targets of recent death threats.

TMZ reports that Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley, Chyna’s attorneys, have been receiving emails and Instagram messages threatening their lives and the lives of their families because they chose to represent Chyna.

High-powered attorney Bloom exclusively told PopCulture.com that the threats that came against Chyna are unfair to her and have piled on top of the humiliation Chyna suffered at the hands of the sex tape.

"The vast majority of adults are sexually active. Only women are shamed for it. Posting a video of a woman engaged in a sex act is designed to humiliate her, and it does. It also draws out haters eager to find something new to hate about," Bloom told PopCulture.com.

Bloom continued, "My client Chyna is a young single mom who has always supported herself in legal occupations, including as a model, social media influencer and brand ambassador. She has lost jobs as a result of this most recent revenge porn incident, as brands do not want to be associated with her, even though what she was doing in the photo was a normal, consensual, adult activity."

"It sickens me to read the online hate directed at her. Trolls should grow a conscience, and a heart," Bloom added.

The Los Angeles Police Department has obtained a search warrant to investigate the culprit or culprits, according to TMZ.

What’s more is that at least one of the threats to Bloom also mentions her daughter, according to the news outlet. A letter was also sent to Chyna through her lawyers.

Chyna and Bloom have been linked together in what Bloom calls a case of “revenge porn,” in which an anonymous social media user leaked NSFW footage of Chyna and her ex-boyfriend on the internet.

While Chyna’s ex, rapper Menchie, admitted that he filmed the video, he claims it was recorded on Chyna’s phone and that neither of them knows how it was obtained by the anonymous poster.

As her co-counsel Walter Mosley told TMZ they would be contacting police for help in identifying the poster, Bloom outlined to PopCulture.com several serious offenses that are associated with an act of “revenge porn.”

"Revenge porn — posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images — is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse. It's also a cruel attempt to slut shame women for being sexual,” Bloom said on Tuesday.

“I’ll be reviewing these options with my client and we expect to take action very soon,” she added.

Chyna and Bloom previously worked together to combat revenge porn allegations— which Bloom also called an “assault”— when her ex-fiance Rob Kardashian leaked several nude photos and suggestive videos of the 29-year-old on Instagram last year.

Following the incident, Chyna and Bloom appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the harm Kardashian caused by sharing her private, intimate images with his fans.

“I was devastated, of course. I’m like, how could somebody post these pictures of me?” Chyna said. “This is a person that I trusted. I confided. I felt comfortable, you know, with even sending these pictures and even talking to him about certain things, you know… I just felt betrayed.”

In October, Bloom filed a lawsuit on behalf of Chyna against Kardashian, accusing him of alleged assault, battery, distribution of private materials, domestic violence, harassment, intrusion into private affairs, disclosure of private facts, defamation, false light and interference in prospective economic relations.

Since then, she has expanded the civil lawsuit to include charges against other members of the Kardashian-Jenner brood, including Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner.

In the most updated court documents obtained exclusively by PopCulture.com, Chyna claims she was filming the second season of her former reality show Rob & Chyna when the family “intentionally interfered” with her contract.


The documents state that after Chyna and Rob split, the Kardashians and Jenners named in her suit were reportedly “displeased that [Chyna] had broken up with their brother and son Defendant Rob Kardashian” and allegedly “decided to kill Season Two of Rob & Chyna, in retaliation and used unlawful means to accomplish their goal of killing it.”

Despite their ongoing legal woes, Rob Kardashian and Chyna have managed to reach an amicable custody agreement to share 1-year-old Dream Kardashian, and have worked to co-parent their daughter.