Ashley Graham Shows off More Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shots

Ashley Graham can't stop, won't stop flaunting her curves for Sports Illustrated, sharing two more shots from her swimsuit spread with fans on Instagram this weekend.

In one of the shots, the model smolders over her shoulder while wearing a striped red thong one-piece that shows off her beach bun.

“'Show me somethin' natural like a— with some stretchmarks'"she captioned the photo, quoting rapper Kendrick Lamar, but adding, "..OR cellulite👋🏽"

ashley graham sports illustrated 2
(Photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham)

In another shot, the America's Next Top Model judge did her best Baywatch impression while in a pink and red one-piece cut out suit from her new signature swimwear line for all body types, tossing her tousled chocolate locks over her shoulder while looking back.

ashley graham sports illustrated
(Photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham)

The model has been an advocate for body positivity and acceptance, a message she has been open about during the promotion for her swimsuit brand.

Earlier this month at a CVS panel called “The Changing Face of Beauty,” Graham said that while society is making more steps towards inclusiveness when it comes to different body types, ages and skin colors in the modelling world, there’s still work to be done to keep things moving.

“You have to continue to talk about it,” she said. “I have always believed that skin color is not a trend, age is not a trend, and my size is not a trend. And that’s why I believe that right now, this can’t be a trend—if our voices are heard loud and clear, it won’t be.”

Graham recently brought her point home by including her mom in one of her swimsuit ads, clad in a bikini. “Including my mother in my swimsuit campaign was A) because, I mean, it’s my mama and it’s fun,” Graham said. “But also I wanted women who are 53—she’s 53—or whatever age to know that they, too, can get into a bikini or a one-piece and feel just as sexy and confident.”

Companies such as CVS that have banned retouching from their beauty ads continue to be popular, Graham speculated because consumers are “craving to have somebody that they look like [in ads]—and then they’ll buy everything.”

In the meantime, until realism is accepted worldwide, Graham said society needs to stop “celebrating the token.” “It’s enough with celebrating the new girl, because she’s not the new girl—she’s been around the block and then some,” she says. “Now you’re just deciding to let her in your campaign.”

Photo credit:Instagram/@theashleygraham