Ashley Graham and Her Mom Strike a Pose in New Bikini Video

Ashely Graham posted a video clip from the beach on Wednesday, which depicts her pretending to teach her mother how to model.

"She's a natural," Graham wrote of her mother, who appears beside her in one of the bikinis from her Swimsuits For All line. Graham brought her mother in as a model for the launch of her new swimwear as a way of thanking her for all the support over the years. The two look remarkably at ease in front of the camera as Graham instructs her mom, Linda, on how to strike a pose.

(Photo: Instagram @theashleygraham)

The behind the scenes footage is just a taste of the full video, which appeared earlier on Graham's feed. It features the two women in an idyllic beach side setting in Morocco, running through the sand, riding camels, and showing off the swimwear. As it plays, Graham's mother gives a monologue in voice over, expressing her pride in her daughter.

Graham talked about the experience of working with her mom in a recent interview with Vogue. “[My mother] was with me from the start and helped me through all the trials and tribulations it took to get to this point, so being able to have her actually in front of the camera with me and modeling my designs felt like such a surreal moment,” she said. “When they came to me with the [concept,] I was like, ‘That is such a good idea, don’t even ask her — I’m going to tell her! She has no choice!’”

The swimwear campaign has already been lauded for its inclusive, body-positive sensibilities, but adding an aspect of family-friendliness has Graham's posts going viral with positivity. "I had never put on a string bikini. Ever," Graham's mother confessed. "Here I am at 53 years old and in a hot pink string bikini, but I was kind of in love with that swimsuit!"

Making swimwear, lingerie, and the joys of high fashion accessible to everyone is part of Graham's mission statement. The new Swimsuits For All campaign has helped empower mothers and middle-aged women to try new things and get dressed up without fear of judgement or scorn, just like Graham does.

Graham and her mother both have many pictures and clips from the shoot, showcasing their easy-going relationship.