Watch: Ashley Graham Cries After Being Fake Body Shamed on 'What Would You Do?'

Ashley Graham may be a beautiful and confident supermodel, but even she gets emotional about body shaming.

In a clip for the ABC situational hidden camera series, What Would You Do?, supermodel, Ashley Graham plays a woman meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time but sadly, the parents shame Graham for her larger body size.

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In the scene, played out entirely by actors, Graham meets the parents in a busy restaurant and they immediately react, telling her their son should date someone else because of Graham’s size.

It’s a difficult scene to watch, but the response and comments from nearby restaurant patrons observing all the shaming made Graham emotional.

One of the women noticed Graham crying over the comments and offered her a supportive hug. When asked why she was crying, Graham had a simple and heartbreaking response.

“This is a situation I’ve been in before,” Graham shares, “And it’s never OK.”

What Would You Do? airs Friday on ABC.

Photo: Twitter / @seventeen


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