Stormy Daniels Imposter Allegedly Swindles Fans With Promises of Escort Services

A Stormy Daniels impersonator has been swindling "customers" online using the adult film actress' likeness, offering escort services to men on social media in exchange for money and gift cards — only to go MIA after receiving the cash.

The real Stormy Daniels was allegedly contacted on her newly-verified social media accounts by three male fans, who informed her that someone was using her photo and name pretending to be her on social media.

The Blast reports that the men say they direct messaged the impersonator thinking she was the real Daniels, and that the imposter carried on as if she were the real Daniels, who has been in the headlines recently for her alleged affair with President Donald Trump years ago.

The fake Daniels would engage in conversation with the men and offer escort services in exchange for Amazon gift cards or money, sent via cash apps.

After the men would send money, they say the fake Stormy ghosted when it came time to meet.

In one screenshot of a conversation with the alleged fake Stormy Daniels, she talked about her son needing to buy something and asked if the man would buy him an Amazon gift card. A real fan of Daniels' might remember that she doesn't have a son.

"Okay can you do me a favor right now?" the imposter wrote in the screencap.

"Maybe," the man replied, "What did you need?"

"It's my son, he wants to get something but right now I'm at legs and I can't leave here until I'm done here," fake Daniels replied. "Can you get an amazon card? I think he wants to order from his wishlist."

Fans eventually caught onto the scam when the real Daniels' Instagram and Twitter accounts became verified last week. They reportedly reached out to her to let her know there was a fraud scamming her fans.

The Blast reports that Daniels, who reported the fake accounts to Instagram and Twitter, was angry that "some a—hole" was duping her fans into shelling out cash. She retweeted an article about the scam and warned her followers to be careful on Monday morning.

"It's not just me...this is going on with lots of girls recently. Be careful guys!" she wrote.

Daniels was approached by reporters last week after Kylie Jenner announced she named her and Travis Scott's daughter Stormi Webster, and Daniels had some advice for the new parents of the infant with her name.

"I will say, congratulations and I wish her all the best, and hold onto your heart. Because little girls named Stormi are known to cause trouble," she advised Jenner.

When asked if she had any advice for Baby Stormi, she replied, "It's a tough name to live up to. I hope you're fierce."