'Game of Thrones' Star Kit Harington Spotted Looking 'Miserable' After Drunk Bar Outburst

Kit Harington, best known for his role as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, turned up at a charity event the night after being kicked out of a bar in New York — but he didn't look too happy about it.

The star was reportedly ejected from a venue called Barfly in Manhattan, after he got aggressive with some other patrons during a pool game. An eye-witness later told TMZ that Harington was banging on the pool table and getting in peoples' faces. The source said Harington had too much to drink, was asked to leave, and then came back, at which point security escorted him out of the bar.

That didn't stop Harington from showing up as promised at the Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala last night. The big event raised money and awareness for the Oscar winner's J/P Haitian Relief Organization.

Harington didn't crack a smile as he walked the red carpet with his co-star, Emilia Clarke. He was a little on the pale side, with the stoic, put-upon expression more associated with his character than himself.

Of course, the 31-year-old actor deserves praise for making the engagement at all. After the night Harington had, it was quite a feat to fly across the country into a different time zone, get dressed up in that suit, and spend the evening in front of a sea of flashing cameras.

Game of Thrones is expected back in 2019 for its final season, which has only six episodes, yet the highest budget in the show's history. Each episode is expected to cost HBO about $15 million. Harington and his co-stars have been hard at work shooting the season already, and many are sad to say goodbye to this milestone part of their lives.