Prosecutors to Meet With Alleged Victim of Kevin Spacey

Prosecutors are set to meet with one of Kevin Spacey’s accusers in the coming days.

In a press conference on Friday, Cape & Islands district attorney Michael O’Keefe in Massachusetts reported he will interview the teenage son of Boston news anchor Heather Unruh, who had claimed Spacey was sexually assaulting him at a bar in July 2016.

In an interview the Boston Globe, O’Keefe said his goal is to make sure he and his team investigate “everything that’s relevant and material” to the alleged assault.

At an emotional news conference on Wednesday, Unruh said Spacey had “plied her 18-year-old son with alcohol,” then forced his hand inside the young man’s pants, grabbing genitals.

While Unruh’s son was able to get away with the help of a woman who urged him to “Run!” as soon as Spacey went to the bathroom, it was hard for Unruh’s mother to detail the account but she hopes to find the mystery woman whom she believes saved her son from a far worse fate.

The boy told his sister what had happened, followed by confiding in his mother.

“Mom, Kevin Spacey tried to rape me,” Unruh said of the night her son revealed the harrowing account with her.

Since news broke of all the sexual misconduct by Spacey, Netflix has shut down production of House of Cards, the political drama he starred in, and Spacey’s role has been cut from a Ridley Scott film set to hit theaters in just over a month.

Photo credit: Twitter / @wgtc_site