Sugar Bear Reacts To Mama June’s ‘Baywatch’ Pics

Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson was blown away by Mama June's recent Baywatch-inspired photoshoot and he is reportedly regretting letting his relationship with the From Not to Hot star fall apart.

"Sugar Bear is freaking over the pictures of her as a hot Baywatch babe," a source close to the reality star told Hollywood Life.

On January 22, Sugar Bear married his new bride Jennifer Lamb. However, he reportedly can't stop thinking about how much he wants Mama June back.

The insider continued by saying: "He's kicking himself for messing things up with her. If he had any idea she was going to wind up losing all that weight and looking like a supermodel, he would have worked harder to keep her happy. He can't believe the woman he let go is the same one in those sexy pictures. Now he feels like a doper for letting her go."

While Sugar Bear might secretly want to reunite with Mama June Shannon, the mother of four doesn't sound like she has any interest whatsoever in reconciling. The 37-year-old Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum spoke out earlier this year to accuse Sugar Bear of being abusive to her and the children.

“It’s time the world sees him for what he is," she said. “[Lauryn 'Pumpkin’ Shannon’s] eye buckle was caused by him… because he got mad. So many emotional and physical scars with the kids.”

Mama June revealed that she passionately dislikes Sugar Bear after the way he allegedly treated her and their family.

"I've never hated anybody as much as I hate [Sugar Bear]," Mama June said. "I would love to call him out on his bulls--t. How like reality hit. I knew what I needed to do."

Despite Mama June's claims, Sugar Bear denies the abuse allegations and says that the accusations are completely false.

“The abuse allegations are not true. June is saying these things because she's pissed at me. I never hurt any kid," he said to Entertainment Tonight.

“I have text messages where I text June and try to talk to Alana, but no response back from her,” Sugar Bear said. “The last time I saw Alana was at mine and Jennifer's wedding. I've tried to stay in touch with my daughter but June won't let me. June's a damn liar. I would never hurt Alana in any way.”

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