'Zoey 101' Alum Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals Photos From Daughter's First Christmas

Jamie Lynn Spears has given fans another festive update from her daughter's first holiday season.

The actress-turned-country-singer took to Twitter to reveal several shots from her infant daughter Ivey Joan Watson's first Christmas Day.

The first photo shows Spears and Ivey in front of an elaborately decorated Christmas tree. Spears is shown in a festive flannel shirt and Ivey is dressed in an adorable yuletide pajama set.

The second photo shows Ivey and her older sister, Maddie Aldridge. Maddie, who is Spears' 10-year-old daughter with ex Casey Aldridge, is wearing a matching pajama set.

The last shot of the batch is arguably the most heartwarming. Ivey is seen snuggled up with her father, Jamie Watson, as they both sleep.

Spears simply captioned the photo "Ivey's First Christmas" with some festive emojis.

This is the latest of several festive updates from Spears that show Ivey's busy December. The baby also experienced her first visit with Santa Claus back on Dec. 16.

The first picture shows Maddie holding Ivey and sporting big smiles as they visit with Santa. Spears joins her daughters and another child in the second shot, which is just as festive. Spears and another child join in for the second photo.

"When Ivey first met Santa..." Spears captioned the photos, adding a Santa Claus emoji.

Ivey was born back in April and has quickly bonded with her big sister, as shown in these latest photos.

"Maddie was the first one to meet her after she was born," Spears told PEOPLE. "[Ivey] was so peaceful the moment her sister held her. ... I have never felt more complete in my life," she said. "It's pure joy watching my girls fall in love."

Spears has also been open about her experience as a mother-of-two. With Maddie, she became pregnant at age 17 while she was still starring on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101. This time around, she has more experience and a stronger support system in place to make sure raising Ivey goes smoothly.

"This time, it's just been a really peaceful experience. I think the only difference is the support system I have around me," she told PEOPLE in May. "I'm much more sure of myself as a young mother [now]. As a new mother with your first child, you are questioning and guessing everything. And as you go into it the second time, you're like, 'I got this. I figured this out one time before; I can do it again.' You have a little more confidence in yourself."


She added, "As we all know, there was a lot of chaos around my last pregnancy. I would say that being a mom is being a mom: It doesn't matter if you're in your teens or not, there should be no excuse to not be a great mother. It doesn't matter what your age is."