YouTuber and Miranda Sings Creator Colleen Ballinger Reveals Newborn Son's Name

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger, the creator of Miranda Sings, revealed her newborn son's name in a new video Sunday: Flynn Timothy.

Early on in the video, Ballinger said she never revealed her son's name before because she had a difficult time coming up with one.

"Most people would post like a name reveal or talk about a name reveal while they're still pregnant and pretty early on, most girls have an idea of what their kid's name is gonna be," Ballinger explained. "From when they're a little kid, like 'I've always wanted to name my son and daughter these names.' Well, I didn't have that and neither did Erik."

The couple did not have a name in mind, and had to come up with one much sooner than they expected, since Flynn was born on Dec. 10, three weeks before his due date.

They spent months coming up with a name, and they drew a blank when Flynn was born. They even just called him "baby" and "bunny" for a few days.

"Naming a human is so hard," Ballinger said. "It's a big responsibility to name someone and then they're going to be called that for the rest of their life."

Ballinger said they did not go through a baby book to find out what names were "cool."

"We wanted to pick something that meant a lot to us and had family history. We both love our families a lot, both really close to our families," Ballinger explained. “His first, middle and last name are all family names that mean a lot to us. Obviously Stocklin is Erik’s last name. I adore him, he’s my everything and we wanted [Flynn’s] last name to be the same as Erik’s. We knew that from the second I got pregnant.”

Timothy is Ballinger's father's name and they considered it for Flynn's first name. Flynn is an important family name for Erik Stocklin, since it is his and his father's middle name. Stocklin's Irish great-great-great-great grandfather's last name was Flynn as well.

"We think it’s cool and different. I don’t know anyone named Flynn," Ballinger said, adding that her fiance found a pin on her purse reading "Flynn" from their trip to Ireland, notes PEOPLE.

“I haven’t ever heard of someone named Flynn, expect for Flynn Rider in [Tangled]," she said.

Ballinger said she is convinced she made the right decision, adding, “I looked at him and I was like, ‘Oh my God, he’s perfect,’ and it actually made it harder to name him because there was no name good enough for how perfect he is.”

Ballinger announced she was expecting her first baby in June and revealed the baby's gender in July. She later chronicled the baby's birth on her Twitter and YouTube pages.

"He’s perfect," she tweeted on Dec. 11 after Flynn was born.


Ballinger has more than 7.9 million subscribers and starred in her own Netflix series, Haters Back Off!, which lasted two seasons.

Photo credit: YouTube