Why Prince George Made Rare Appearance With Dad William Last Month

Royal fans were treated to a surprise in June after Prince George joined his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton to watch England play Germany in the European Football Championship. Donning a suit and tie that matched his father's, the June 29 outing marked a rare public appearance for one of the youngest royals. It turns out that while the 7-year-old-old prince wasn't initially set to attend the game, little George "begged" his parents to take him.

Weeks after George grabbed the spotlight, royal expert Duncan Larcombe revealed new details about that special family outing. According to Larcombe, who spoke to Ok! magazine, William attended the game as an "official outing in his role as president of the FA." As such, he "would never have normally taken" is the oldest son to the event, but the 7-year-old, who has been described as "football mad," reportedly "absolutely begged to be allowed to come along." Larcombe said George is a "pretty big character" and "twisted his parents' arms" to get to go. He explained, "that's why Kate came, so that when William had to meet all the dignitaries, George could stay with her."

The June 29 family outing, however, was about more than just George's love of the sport, because he is just as big of a fan of his father. Larcombe told the outlet that William is George's "hero," and the little royal "idolizes his dad." George is so in awe of his father that he even wanted to match him for the game, with the father-son duo has grabbed headlines for the matching ensembles of a blazer and red and blue tie. Larcombe said, "that's why we saw him looking so smart in his suit—he really wanted to dress like William."

During the June game, George and William could be seen cheering on their favorite team and even chatting with another. In videos and images shared online, George seemed unable to contain his excitement, especially after England defeated Germany 2-0, allowing the team to advance to the quarterfinals.


The little royal's love of the sport was on display again when he joined his parents Sunday for the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium. Just like his appearance last month, George matched his outfit to his father's, with both opting for blazers and red and blue ties, similar to their twinning outfits last month, as Middleton donned a white blazer. Unfortunately, the game ultimately ended in disappointment for the youngster after Italy beat out England in penalty kicks. The sadness on George's face was pretty relatable, too, with the young royal and his disappointment trending on Twitter after the loss.