'Teen Mom' Alum's Latest Strange Video Has Fans Concerned Over 'Breakdown'

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham recently posted a TikTok video that fans think is strange, and has them concerned she's experiencing a "breakdown." In the clip, which was posted to the account that Abraham shares with her daughter Sophia, the mom and daughter duo are riding in a car together. As the clip progresses, it cuts back and forth between the two of them, with Sophia flashing smiles, and Abraham appearing wide-eyed and surprised.

In truth, the TikTok clip seems to be just a quirky video with no sincere indication that Abraham's behavior is legitimately "bizarre," but that has not stopped fans and news outlets from speculating. In a report on the video, The Sun stated it was "alarming" to see Abraham in the clip. In a comment on the post, a TikTok user wrote, "Farrah has officially lost the last of her brain cells." Someone else added in a Reddit comment, "Sophia needs saving. She needs mentorship. A roof and bed is the bare min. Those things don't even mean s— when you have someone as damaged as Farrah at the helm. This is just f—ed up all around."


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Abraham has often faced criticism over the years for many different reasons. She recently spoke out about online bullying, however, when she jumped into the controversy surrounding Chrissy Teigen's alleged cyberbullying. The model and cookbook author was accused of making cruel comments to a number of young stars in the past. After she issued an apology, Abraham wrote a response, indicating that she does not believe Teigen has shown the level of remorse she claimed to have.

"As you're asking yourself 'Did Chrissy ever apologize to Farrah,' hypocritically as such at this time no she has not," Abraham wrote in her Medium editorial. "As a reminder, Chrissy ended her light-hearted post, so similarly as her past remarks with taking care of her family and herself." Abraham added, "So I understand the time it will take to really be beyond her past behavior."


In the wake of Teigen's initial apology, Abraham emerged with accusations of bullying, as did Lindsay Lohan's mom, Tina. Following her second apology, Project Runway fashion designer Michael Costello joined Abraham in speaking out, sharing that he too was a victim of Teigen's bullying, though his account of the accusations has been heavily scrutinized.