Watch Sassy Saint West Spurn Mom Kim Kardashian's Kiss Request

Saint West is growing up into a master of sass, judging by the latest video of Kim Kardashian trying to get a kiss from him.

Kardashian posted a video on Instagram of herself and her middle child lounging on a couch, taking filtered selfies and smiling. However, things took a turn when she asked the 2-year-old for a kiss.

"Give me a kiss," Kardashian said to Saint. In response, he gave his mother nothing but a death glare. After a moment, he turned away as if he never heard her, and delivered the same cold look to the camera.

Of course, Saint is not always glaring at his mother like the rival in a sports movie. The toddler has had his fair share of sweet social media moments, including just after the big kiss refusal. Within minutes, his father, Kanye West, had appeared behind him, and he was grinning at the camera as he examined himself with the dog filter.

Kim Kardashian has been on a hot-streak with her mom posts these days. The mother of three has filled her Instagram story with selfie videos with her children, showing off their quality time for all to see.

A couple of months ago, one Saint-centric post went viral, when she snapped the toddler hugging his infant sister, Chicago West.

"Sometimes we all need hugs," she wrote.

However, Kardashian acknowledges that it is not all fun and games, even for celebrity moms. A couple of months ago, she told Ellen Degeneres that Saint has had a serious case of the "terrible twos." She revealed that things got so heated in her household, it was a shock when her children actually began getting along.

"I mean, there was a shocking moment yesterday," she said. "She literally had a can of popcorn and was like, 'Saint, do you want some?' And I was like, 'WHAT?!' You don't understand, she does not share with Saint, she does not hardly talk to Saint. So that was such a big moment in my household yesterday."

The Kardashian family is returning to TV on Sunday night with the season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It is already shaping up to be a dramatic episode, as Kim and Khloe will apparently come to blows with Kourtney. Judging by the trailers, the eldest sister is feeling someone attacked by her sisters, and believes their relationship may be counter-productive to her own growth.


"I don't hate you. My therapist just said this will start to happen," Kourtney says. "People that you're close to you'll probably have some arguments with them. I don't think we need to go to therapy, to be honest, to solve our problems. I think we should just talk."

The season premiere airs on Sunday, Aug. 12 at 9 p.m. on E!