Pippa Middleton Gets Candid About 6-Month-Old Baby Arthur for the First Time

Pippa Middleton is enjoying her new role as a mother of one. Kate Middleton's little sister spoke for the first time about raising her 6-month-old son, Arthur, including how both of them are staying fit together.

"Starting my son Arthur swimming at four months old has given him confidence and enjoyment in water," she said in the new issue of Waitrose Kitchen magazine. "He's now six months old, and swimming is one of our favorite activities. The exercise helps guarantee sound daytime sleeps, and the movement has improved his digestion."

"Water activity is a great form of exercise you can do with your baby!" the 35-year-old added.

Middleton welcomed her first child with husband James Matthews on Oct. 15, with the baby weighing 8 lbs. 9 oz.

"Everyone is delighted and mother and baby are doing well," Middleton's representative shared at the time.

Two months later, the socialite seemed to have already lost the baby weight, showing off her toned body in a bikini during a beach vacation.

"I'm fanatical about sport and have looked at loads of books and websites on exercise during pregnancy but have been disappointed by the limited technical information on what you can and can't do," she previously wrote in Waitrose Kitchen. "I decided to use my own initiative and adapted my current exercise routine, adjusting the weight and intensity to what felt right for me."

Middleton has always been known for her focus on fitness. During her pregnancy, she wrote about keeping up with activities like tennis and swimming as her body change during the last months of her pregnancy.

"As the final month nears and the bump grows prouder each day, movement is certainly getting more awkward," she wrote. "As a result, one of the biggest changes is that my lower body has tightened up. The knock-on effect is making my back and sacrum both uncomfortable and achy. The transformations to my body that are taking place as it prepares for childbirth have meant that the sound sleeps and the baby bubble effect have gone. Reality is finally kicking in."

"Perhaps this is the body's way of making sure that you get in tune with what lies ahead," she added, sharing that she had turned to meditation, stretching and walking.


As Middleton adjusts to life as a new mom, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are preparing to welcome their first child, which sources say could come "any day" now.