How Mena Suvari Feels About Her Pregnancy Just Weeks Before Baby Boy's Arrival (Exclusive)

Mena Suvari is absolutely glowing ahead of her baby boy's arrival. The American Pie and American Beauty star, 41, and her husband, Michael Hope, are expecting their first child together, and they can't wait to meet him. caught up with Suvari a few weeks back to discuss her new movie, Don't Tell a Soul, for our PopCulture @Home video series (available to watch above) and couldn't help but ask how things were going for her.

"It's good. We are 30 weeks today, but everything is good," the actress said at the time. "I mean, I have my basic tiredness and little things, but overall, I feel very lucky everything seems to be good. And I'm healthy. And yeah, so that's all that matters."

While things are positive for the couple, the actress, also known for her work in Six Feet Under and American Woman, notes there are "surreal" aspects of the pending arrival of a newborn that leave her "terrified." However, she feels "blessed" thanks to the love and support she's received from those around her.

"My husband and I have been putting everything together. And so many people have sent us things and been so lovely. And [the baby's] very popular, so I feel very blessed," Suvari said. "I'm still just processing all of it. And I think it's just going to be a very, very wild experience to see half of me in another human being. And so I just hope to do him justice and just get to know him.

"I mean, I've always thought that about children that I would just love to learn from that. Who are you and what are you here to teach me? Because they have a lot to teach us. So I'm very excited and open. But yeah, it's going to be wild. I mean, having a little dude with me everywhere I go now."


However, she knows it won't always be easy. As she lightheartedly adds, "There's going to be some moment where he's like, 'I hate you.' (and I'll be like,) 'Oh, you were my baby.' But we try our best up until then."

Our full PopCulture @Home interview with Mena Suvari is available to watch at the top of this article. Suvari's new movie Don't Tell a Soul, which features her as a mom to two boys who are grappling with a life-or-death situation, is available now via on-demand and digital providers, such as Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. If you're willing to go out to a movie theater, you can also watch the film in select theaters around the U.S.