'Last Man Standing' and 'OITNB' Star Amanda Fuller Expecting First Child After Endometriosis Battle

Amanda Fuller of Last Man Standing and Orange Is the New Black is expecting a baby boy! The actress announced her pregnancy on Monday in an interview with PEOPLE, adding that the whole thing seemed impossible to her due to her past health issues.

Fuller and her husband, Matthew Bryan Feld, have a baby boy on the way, they confirmed. At 34, Fuller said that she thought her chances of pregnancy were behind her. The actress has suffered from endometriosis and a host of chronic illnesses for her whole life, so carrying a child never seemed like an option.

"After battling chronic illness and endometriosis my whole life and being told for years it would be nearly impossible to get pregnant, my love and I are expecting a little miracle baby!" she said. "We are shocked, terrified and elated — and just pray we can be our best selves in bringing our little angel into this world."

Fuller said that doctors had previously told her it was "nearly impossible" for her to get pregnant due to her various ailments. In photos on her Instagram page, Fuller is visibly showing a baby bump already, suggesting that she waited a while to make her announcement.

Fuller plays Kristin Baxter on Last Man Standing, the eldest daughter of Tim Allen's Mike Baxter. She Also plays Madison "Badison" Murphy on Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. Both roles may soon be taking a back seat as she takes on motherhood, however.

Endometriosis is a reproductive condition that affects the uterine tissues. It causes cramping, chronic pain, and sometimes fertility complications. The condition affects about 10% of women during their prime reproductive years, including other outspoken stars like Lena Dunham, Halsey and Julianne Hough.

(Photo: Instagram @akaamandafuller)

Fuller did not elaborate on her other ailments, but it is clear that she is not going to let them hold her back. She is also eager to take the parenting journey with Feld, whom she praised in a recent Instagram post.


"Happy first official dad day to the most handsomest future papa," she wrote. "This lil bear and I are the luckiest. There is no human on this earth I could even imagine venturing into this terrifying chapter with. Together, we can do anything. Here's hopin' he looks as good as you do in a lime green suit!"

Fuller stars in the upcoming final season of Orange Is the New Black, which premieres on Netflix on Friday, July 26.