New Kylie Jenner Photo Shows Stormi in Shimmering Silver Outfit

Kylie Jenner and her baby daughter Stormi Webster were shimmering side by side on Friday night in new photos on the make up mogul's Instagram.

Jenner took her 7-month-old daughter out on the town on Friday night. According to a report by PEOPLE, they were celebrating Jordyn Woods' birthday, but the baby stole the show in her metallic dress.

Stormi wore a totally casual expression with her glinting ruffled get-up. The dress even matched her tiny, baby-sized Adidas, which had silvery stripes along the sides and back.

(Photo: Instagram @kyliejenner)

Jenner captioned the photo with a double heart emoji and a crown emoji. Jenner herself was dolled up for the event. Her skin-tight pink dress was every bit as shiny as her daughter's, and it matched her new all-pink hair.

Jenner included another shot of the pair on her Instagram Story. It took in even more of the metallic pink balloons and decorations, revealing just how well she and Stormi matched the party's theme. Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods, just turns 21 years old on Sunday, but she spent the weekend celebrating with her friend sand family.

(Photo: Instagram @kyliejenner)

While Friday's celebration may have been suitable for Stormi, their outing on Thursday most certainly was not. The duo went out to a club, where Woods documented a wild night of debauchery before they left early to be alone.

"When you ditch the club to sing love songs with your wifey," Woods wrote alongside a video of herself and Jenner singing together in the car. The noise attracted some unwanted attention, as shortly afterward Woods posted another video of police lights behind their car.

"Trying to be a hater right now," Woods said of the police. Jenner laughed and stuck her tongue out. "We got pulled over. But we didn't drive. It's okay."


Things seemed more tame on Saturday, and Woods and Jordyn celebrated the launch of their KyliexJordyn make up collection. The new lip gloss colors and holographic palettes went on sale on Friday at 3 p.m. PT, and marked a huge leap forward for the best friends.

"Since the beginning of [Jenner's] business we wanted to collab together because we're always sharing ideas with each other," Woods told PEOPLE of the collection. "We've redesigned the collection at least five times because we couldn't settle on one thing. We had multiple different [ones] we thought it was going to be and we finally figured out one that made sense."