Kylie Jenner Mom Shamed Over Daughter Stormi Using a Pacifier in Photo Alongside the Grinch

Kylie Jenner is facing the wrath of mom shamers after she uploaded the latest festive picture of 2-year-old daughter Stormi Webster to social media. Promoting the launch of her Kylie Cosmetics Grinch collection, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and makeup mogul took to Instagram Thursday with an adorable new photo of her daughter.

In the post, little Stormi appears as happy as can be as she gets paid a visit by none other than the Grinch himself, the infamous Dr. Seuss character who notoriously attempted to steal Christmas. While other children's encounters with the Grinch have left them in tears, as seen in various posts across social media, Stormi was all smiles. The toddler could be seen sitting in bed with numerous stuffed animals and toys.

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As adorable as the post was, it did little to spread the Christmas cheer to some of Jenner's followers. In fact, the comments section quickly flooded with criticism from some who felt Stormi, at the age of 2, should no longer have a pacifier. One person bluntly wrote, "take the d— baby binkie out of her mouth." Several people, responding with upset, cited concerns that usage of a pacifier could lead to an overbite or other issues with Stormi's teeth.

Issuing their concern, one follower said, "it's gunna mess up her teeth," with another adding, "pacifiers at that age DO cause an overbite." Another user, who said that they are a registered nurse, explained that "a pacifier, a newborn pacifier at that, isn't designed for teeth, and it WILL screw her teeth up." That commenter went on to state that pacifiers can also cause "a lisp and other speech impediments." According to the user, pacifiers can cause overbites, writing, "when back teeth are closed together the front top and bottom teeth don't touch creating an open space. The upper and lower bone grow in that same pattern so it messes up baby and permanent teeth."

Several people, however, were eager to come to Jenner's defense, with one person writing in response: "Exactly your (sic) a nurse not a dentist or orthodontic. My daughter had a pacifier till 6 years old she has the best teeth and straight she doesn't need braces or anything." Somebody else simply said that even if the pacifier were to affect Stormi's teeth in the future, they "have a feeling momma could afford to fix it."


Jenner opted to ignore the backlash, something that has become commonplace in the comments section of many celebrity parents' social media posts. The reality TV star returned to her account shortly after to announced that the Grinch collection of her makeup line had sold out.