Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Adorably Says 'Dada' While Learning to Speak

Stormi Webster is growing up before our very eyes, as evidenced in a video Kylie Jenner posted of the baby saying "Dada" on Monday morning.

In the video, Jenner tries to coax her daughter into saying the name of her company, "Kylie Cosmetics." Stormi sits on a mound of pillows holding an eyeshadow kit. She turns the make-up over in her hands, examining it closely, so Jenner tries to say the words slowly and clearly for her.

After a few gibberish attempts, Stormie finally holds the eyeshadow up and says decisively: "Dada." She laughs as Jenner responds to her word.

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trying to teach her some new words 🙄🤣😂😍😍😍

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The man Stormi was referring to, Travis Scott, swooned over the clip. He dropped a comment on the post for his daughter and his girlfriend, apparently impatient to get back to them.

"Da da," he marveled. "I'm [on the way] back momma."

Fans went wild for the clip as well, and for Scott's reaction. They filled the comments with heart-eyes emojis and messages of joy over Stormi's language acquisition.

"Omg she is SUCH a cutie," one follower fawned. "I love the little laugh she does too lolll."

"I need a live stream of stormi 24/7," wrote another.

"I love her little babble! She's really giving her opinion on something," someone else joked.

Fans also could not help but notice Stormi's wardrobe. In the video, she wears grey sweatpants with designs along the sides, and an over-sized grey sweatshirt. The sleeves are cuffed just so and the collar is cut wide. One fan commented on her flashy red and white high-top sneakers.

"She has The same trainers as me," they wrote, "but they don't fit and she is so cute."

Stormi is approaching 10 months old now, and she is growing up fast. She was born on Feb. 1 to Jenner and Scott, who revealed Jenner's pregnancy in a short documentary-style video.

Jenner posted the video on Feb. 4, Super Bowl Sunday, to the dismay of many football fans, journalists and advertisers. She rocked the entire news cycle, though she gave non-sports-viewing fans something to do for the afternoon.


Since then, Jenner has been indecisive about how much of Stormi's life goes up on social media. This week, she appeared to let her guard down a bit, and fans thanked her for it.