Kristen Bell Clarifies 5-Year-Old Daughter Only Needs Diapers at Night

Kristen Bell is clarifying her comments about 5-year-old daughter Delta's toilet training journey, [...]

Kristen Bell is clarifying her comments about 5-year-old daughter Delta's toilet training journey, explaining that while her youngest is "still in diapers," the extra help is only needed at night. The Good Place actress first addressed the misunderstanding when a Twitter follower told her that her niece also "had trouble toilet training for years." Her clarification comes during the Wednesday, May 20 episode of Momsplaining With Kristen Bell

Bell replied that she felt her initial quote was taken out context, elaborating, "My daughter doesn't wear diapers during the day, just at night cuz her tiny bladder isn't up for the 10 hr challenge yet." To a critic accusing the mother-of-two of releasing "humiliating" information about Delta publicly, Bella responded calmly she doesn't find it embarrassing for a child to be wearing diapers late, noting, "Everyone is different."

Going even further, Bell explained she didn't think Delta would be embarrassed even if she was still wearing diapers during the day. "She's confident & goofy & doesn't see anything about her beautiful, unique self something to apologize for," Bell concluded.

Bell initially began the toilet training talk during a conversation on her show with fellow moms and actresses Maya Rudolph and Casey Wilson. "My oldest daughter at 21 months, we merely suggested that she use the toilet in the other room and [she] never wore another diaper beyond that," she told the two. "We were lying in bed giggling about this, my husband and I, like, 'Why does everyone make a big deal out of this potty training? It's so easy. Just tell the kid to use the toilet. ...Currently, my youngest is 5 and a half, still in diapers." Rudolph then expressed that raising children is so "relative," to which Bell agreed, "Yes, because every kid is so different."

The Veronica Mars actress has long been candid about her home life with daughters Delta and Lincoln, 7, both of whom she shares with husband Dax Shepard. As the coronavirus quarantine first began in March, the married couple even revealed in an interview with Katie Couric that they were having a bit too much togetherness time, like many couples stuck at home. "We're getting along good with the kids and we're getting along good with adults we're friends with. This has been stressful for momma and dada," Shepard said, with Bell chiming in, "We've been at each other's throats real bad, real bad."