Joanna Gaines Hit With Criticism by Fans After Latest Photo With Baby Crew

Joanna Gaines shared a sweet photo of husband Chip Gaines and new baby Crew during a trip to the doctor's office, which made the family's anti-vaccination fans come of the woodwork.

The Fixer Upper alum took to Instagram Thursday to share the sweet shot, featuring Chip staring lovingly at the young 2-month-old baby on his weigh-in day.

(Photo: Instagram/Joanna Gaines)

"Weigh in day at the doctor... [Chip Gaines] always seems to make things better," Gaines wrote on the caption along with a red heart emoji.

While Gaines did not bring up the subject of immunizations, her followers took it upon themselves to advise the family against giving shots to the baby, AOL writes.

"Don't vaccinate your baby!" one commenter wrote.

"Vaccines are dangerous and if people love their kids they won't inject them with these poisons," another follower wrote.

The reality star has not addressed her fans' anti-vaccination comments, but other fans were quick to respond with their opinion on the hot-button issue.

"it's no one's business what their thoughts are on vaccines," one commenter wrote. "[Joanna] is posting an adorable picture of Chip and the baby, saying only 'weigh-in day.' Thank you, Jo, for sharing and posting this beautiful picture."

"I hate weighing in on things like this..But for those of you who don't vaccinate - how about reading the latest report of measles outbreaks and see those children suffering — all could be avoided by vaccinations. Your biased research is flawed," another commenter said.

Despite the latest photo becoming a forum for the vaccination debate, the Gaines family continues to chronicle baby Crew's life at its fullest on social media ever since he was born in late June.

The family matriarch took to Instagram last weekend to show off the adorable sleeping baby attending his first football game.

"First game day for baby Crew," she wrote on the caption of the sweet photo, which she took during the Baylor University game against Abilene Christian last Saturday.

Gaines has also been seeing some career milestones herself, as she celebrated sending her next book, titled Homebody, to the printer, in early August.

"My design book is finally on its way to the printer and we are officially DONE!" she wrote on the caption of an Instagram post. "I couldn't have done it without this team. We've been working on this project for quite some time now and it's hard to describe what I'm feeling tonight...Thankful. Relieved. Vulnerable. Giddy. Hopeful."

Gaines said at the time she was inspired to write the book to help readers make their home "the most important place on earth" for them.


"It's not really all about decorating or even a specific style... it's about your story," she continued. "My hope is that this book isn't just pages filled with pretty pictures but that it is a guide that helps you create a home and space that you truly love."

Chip and Joanna are also parents to Duke, Emmie, Kay and Ella Rose.