Jessie James Decker Reveals She Doesn't Have a Nanny

Jessie James Decker is mom to three kids, and the country singer doesn't need any help when it comes to raising them.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the 30-year-old reflected on parenting, explaining that she takes care of her kids herself and knows that her mom skills are A-plus.

“I know that I take care of my babies, I know that they feel loved and they feel happy,” she said. “I don’t have nannies; I take care of my children.”

Decker also addressed the recent controversy in which she was mom-shamed for breastfeeding her newborn son Forrest with a glass of wine in her hand, stating that she's happy to speak for other moms who have found themselves in a similar situation.

“I honestly feel like I’m the voice of all the moms,” she said. “I definitely feel like they get heat for certain things. I know I’m a great mother, there’s not one doubt in my mind.”

“So if I want to have a cocktail to celebrate my husband doing something great in his work, I’m going to, and I can still breastfeed,” she added. “I feel like I want to be a voice for those moms that feel heat from others, or feel judgment because this is a hard job, and if you want to enjoy yourself you do it.”

That sense of community extends to Decker's day-to-day life, which often sees her speaking with other moms to share experiences or ask for advice herself.

“I’ll talk to random moms that I meet at Gymboree and I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s going on with that? How do you do that?’ I’m always asking questions,” the reality star said.

“And the same with me, girls asking questions,” she added. “I just want all of us to feel like we’re in the same boat.”

Along with being a singer, Decker is a fashion designer, author and reality television star, and such a full plate has her unsure of whether she wants to expand her brood with husband Eric Decker.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessiejamesdecker)

“[Eric] wants more kids. Oh, my lord,” she revealed. “But no, he’s going to be doing some special things. There’s some things in the works and we’re excited about it.”

Eric recently retired from the NFL after a career that saw him play for the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans.


"I cried, smiled and ultimately respected his choice to finish this chapter to start another," Jessie wrote on Instagram of her husband's decision. "I have loved every moment of the last seven years watching my husband kick some serious ass! It’s a career he should be proud of. Can’t wait to share the next adventure with you babe and the amazing things you will do in the future!"

Photo Credit: Getty / Emma McIntyre/AMA2017