Jessica Alba Reveals 'Unusual' Requirements for Baby's Name

Choosing a baby's name is never an easy task, but Jessica Alba definitely has her work cut out for her.

The actress, who is expecting her third child with husband Cash Warren, appeared on The Tonight Show and told host Jimmy Fallon that when it comes to naming her children, she has some specific requirements.

"So, my husband's name is Cash, that's his actual real name, so our kids had to have unusual names," she told Fallon. "That were also H, double syllable, has to be a word, can't be too weird. It has to be a H!"

Alba, who has two daughters Haven, 5, and Honor, 9, also stressed that the name can't be too unusual in the event the child wants to choose a "normal" career.

"Like, what if they want to be a nurse or do normal things?" Alba said.


The 36-year-old Honest Company founder, who revealed her pregnancy on Instagram last month, hasn't been letting the challenge of choosing a very specific name get in the way of enjoying summer with her family, however. Alba recently showed off her baby bump while wearing a black bikini on a family vacation in Hawaii last month.

Photo: Twitter / @etnow