Jenna Jameson Shares Intimate Breastfeeding Photo on Instagram

Jenna Jameson just shared an intimate photo to promote the normalization of breastfeeding.

The former adult film actress took to Instagram to unveil the photo, which shows her breastfeeding her youngest daughter, Batel Lu Bitton.

Jameson, who is sporting new red-hair, is shown in a pink dress as Batel latches on to her breast. Also visible in the show is Jameson's tattoo sleeve of various designs.

In the caption, Jameson reflected on motherhood and added a message about breastfeeding.

"This is my calling... motherhood," Jameson wrote. "My children have my heart and soul. Coming from my childhood without a mother and an absentee father has made me dig deep and define what it is to me to be a mommy."

(Photo: Instagram / @jennacantlose)

She continued, "I pray I am the mother to sweet Batelli that I dream my mother would have been to me." She then added hashtags for "drop the cover" and "normalize breastfeeding."

Jameson's fans seemed to love to honest and intimate look at her life as a mother. While another recent breastfeeding photo drew some backlash, the comment section was filled with thoughtful remarks of support.

"This is beautiful. It's a normal, real image of motherhood," one fan wrote. "Sad world we live in that breastfeeding needs to be normalised. You're such a lovely Mama and Batel will know how lucky she is to have you. Don't let negativity and vulgar comments (in particular from women) tarnish this image."

The "vulgar comments" the fan was referring to likely stem from another raw moment from Jameson's life as a mother.

Earlier in March, Jameson uploaded the below photo of herself breastfeeding in the shower. Detractors claimed she was using Batel as a prop for a photo.

(Photo: Jenna Jameson / Instagram)

Despite this takeaway, Jameson seemed earnest in her caption, which shared a similar sentiment to this new post.

"This is motherhood. It’s not always shiny and perfect like so many Instagrammers make us believe," she wrote. "There are days you question your strength and abilities. But then there are HARD days like today that prove your uncompromising power. I haven’t slept for two days and poor Batelli has been vomiting every 40 min like clockwork. We are in this together. So here’s to all of you selfless mamas out there, you make this world go round."