Brian McKnight and His Wife Revealed Some Big Baby News

Brian McKnight and his wife, Leilani, shared some very exciting news in January. According to PEOPLE, McKnight and his wife welcomed a baby boy. This is the third child for the couple and the sixth for McKnight, who has three children from other relationships. 

McKnight and his wife announced the news via a joint Instagram post. They placed their hands together to make two halves of a whole heart, which they placed around their newborn's tiny fist. The adorable post was captioned with, "For this child we have prayed and the Lord has granted us the desires of our hearts" 1 Samuel 1:27 God's greatest gift, our son is here!!!" At the end of the caption, they revealed that their little one was named after his father, as his full moniker is Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight. The parents are over the moon with their bundle of joy, as they added, "We are so in love!!!!"

Interestingly enough, McKnight is already the father of a son named Brian, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Julie McKnight. He also shares a son named Niko with his ex-wife and a daughter, Briana McKnight, from a previous relationship. McKnight and Leilani are already parents to two children, Jack and Julia. They revealed in November that they were going to welcome another baby into their brood. At the time, they shared a brief video from when they found out they were going to have another baby boy, which they captioned with, "So thankful for precious life and our growing OHANA!!!"

Baby Brian Kainoa is a rainbow baby for the pair. They experienced a pregnancy loss with a baby who they named Kekoa Matteo, who was due on Mother's Day. Amidst the difficult time, McKnight called Leilani the "greatest example of being a mother I've ever witnessed." He also reflected on navigating such a hard situation. McKnight said, "I know how hard him not being here in the flesh with us is weighing incredibly heavy on us, but I know he is with us just like Julia and Jack are, as shining examples of your exceptional motherhood." He went on to applaud Leilani for the "strength I saw in you through the loss of our son and the courage to deal with the hardest loss we've ever dealt with in our lives has been truly remarkable."