Bode Miller Reveals He Was Forced to Deliver Twins During Wife's Unexpectedly Quick Home Birth

Bode Miller has one more point to add to his resume. Although he may be best known as an Olympic skier, he recently took his shot as a midwife when his wife, Morgan Miller, suddenly went in to labor. Speaking about the birth of his twin boys on the Today show on Tuesday, Miller revealed that he and his mother had to jump into action and deliver his sons.

"The birth story was actually one of the more crazy things that I've ever experienced… none of the midwives actually made it on time," Miller told the morning show hosts, PEOPLE reports. "They started coming over and by the time they got there, me and my mom were both holding the babies."

"Yeah, luckily my mom was a midwife, but she hadn't delivered babies in 20-plus years, and she never delivered twins," he continued. "We're both pretty relaxed and pretty casual, but we were certainly not qualified to be doing an unassisted home delivery of twins."

As Miller and his mother were busy at work on that Tuesday, Nov. 8 day, Morgan's father was on a Costco run.

"We got some amazing pictures of him coming into this like mayhem, craziness," Miller revealed. "He's more traditional, so they were all a little bit nervous, but to see it go so well, he was just, yeah, shocked. Cause one moment, we're all just hanging out, the next moment, they were out. It was that quick."

Speaking of the birth, Morgan added that she is still "floating from the whole experience."

"It was just so amazing to have it go as spontaneously but as well as it did, and for Bode to get to deliver his identical twin boys with his mom," she said. "It was pure magic."

Miller and his wife welcomed their sons on Nov. 8, just a little more than a year after their daughter Emmy died in a tragic drowning accident on in June 2018. The couple announced their birth on Instagram.

"November 8th. A day that couldn't have been scripted and aligned more perfectly to bring these two into the world," Morgan wrote. "Birth story is mind blowing and can't wait to share. Insanely overwhelmed and grateful for all these gifts my baby girl keeps sending."

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While the twins have been introduced to the world, they don't yet have names, as the couple are waiting to discover their personalities.


"We'll come up with something," Miller said, adding that "they have such different personalities right now, and it's gonna be cool to kind of let them be for a little bit."

Miller and Morgan are also parents to sons Nash 4, and Easton, 1. Miller is also dad to two children from a previous relationship.