Coco Austin Mom-Shamed for 'Slut Training' 2-Year-Old Daughter

Coco Austin and 2-year-old daughter Chanel rocked matching outfits again, but haters couldn’t handle their mom-daughter moment.

The actress and reality personality shared a video of herself and Chanel sporting the same houndstooth pants and matching black tops — though Austin’s was cut dramatically lower to show off her famous assets.

Austin said the pair “entertained” themselves while visiting a friend’s salon in Scottsdale, Arizona, spending time practicing karate kicks, making kiss faces and crooning along to Halsey’s tune “Bad at Love.”

“I have a lot of fun with this little girl..” she wrote alongside the video of the dynamic duo. “Moments when your waiting around at your friends salon.. And yes I will be putting her into to Karate and dance.. She just turned 2 and she does great without lessens.. need to find some awesome places for these classes in the NJ area. soon!”

Immediately after Austin blasted the video across her social media channels, comments rolled in — the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Most adorable! She looks just like her daddy but she definitely has your personality!” one follower praised, noting that Chanel favors her father, actor Ice-T.

“I love seeing you with Chanel,” another wrote. “You are a great mother.”

But critics vocalized their disagreement and accused Austin of pressing her sexualized demeanor onto her toddler.

“Why are you showing all that?” one follower asked Austin, referring to her cleavage. “If that was my wife I’d be mad as hell.”

“CoCo you need to do two things: Learn how to spell. And hope and pray that your baby doesn’t grow up to be as slutty, cheap and vulgar as her mama,” one negative follower wrote. Another added, “Slut training her little slut.”

Another suggested that Austin’s plastic surgery procedures would have Chanel asking for “a boob job… by the time she’s 13.”

Austin is no stranger to mom shaming when it comes to her relationship with her daughter. In the last month, she has endured being slammed as “white trash” for giving Chanel a mani-pedi and bit her tongue when followers called her daughter “ugly.”

Still, she goes on by ignoring the haters and continuing to share inside glimpses at her journey through motherhood — matching outfits and all.