Who Is Judge Judy Scheindlin's Husband? Meet Jerry Sheindlin

With Judge Judy coming to an end after 25 seasons on the air, many fans are looking for updates on "Judge" Judy Sheindlin. The TV judge is married to Jerry Sheindlin, and their marriage is an inspiration to those looking for a healthy relationship. The two have reportedly been going strong for 41 years of marriage.

Judy and Jerry Sheindlin met in a bar, though they soon found they had plenty in common. Jerry was working as a defense attorney at the time, while Judy was belatedly starting her career as a prosecutor. In an interview on Fox News' OBJECTified, she explained that her first husband, Ronald Levy, did not want her going back to work after she spent years as a stay-at-home mother.

"My first husband is a lovely, lovely man but he always viewed my job as a hobby and there came a time where I resented that," she said.

She divorced Levy in 1976 and met Jerry right away. Jerry recalled that he was talking to a reporter the first time Judy approached him.

"Judy came walking in and put her finger in my face and said, 'And who is this?' I said, 'Lady, get your finger out of my face.' We've been together ever since," he told The Los Angeles Times.

The couple married in 1977 according to a report by Country Living, and they had three more children. However, at that point Judy's career could not wait for motherhood. She soon became a powerhouse judge in the New York City family court system. She almost always let the media into her courtroom if they wanted, which gained her a lot of publicity and eventually landed her on 60 Minutes for an interview.

At the same time, the Sheindlin's marriage hit its roughest patch. They actually divorced briefly in 1990, evidently because Judy did not feel that Jerry supported her enough through her father's death. However, after just a year apart they remarried, with Judy telling Closer Weekly: "I missed Jerry."

"I like to have someone to fuss over. I like to be mated. It's natural for me. I learned the hard way that sometimes what you think makes you happy won't," she added.

These days, the Sheindlins live in Florida whenever Judge Judy is not filming. They have a playful banter when they get out in public together, such as a 2015 interview with The Daily Mail where Judy explained that the bedroom is the only room of their house where she does not keep TV awards out in the open.

"I don't know! I sort of feel that is one place where I feel nobody should be getting awards," she said.


"No awards? She just gave me an award last night. I just don't understand this. I'm going to have to talk to her about that," Jerry responded.

Judge Judy is reportedly finishing up in the 2020-2021 season, and will be followed by Judy Sheindlin's new show, Judy Justice. There are no details on that program just yet.