What Will Happen to Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes on 'GMA'?

As of now, Good Morning America co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach will keep their jobs. News of their budding romance was exposed via the Daily Mail, featuring secret dates at bars and cabin vacations ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. According to the report, the two have been dating for six months. They are both still legally married to their respective spouses, both of whom they wed in 2010. Many wondered if they'd face disciplinary action due to presumed "no fraternizing" policies at organizations, but according to sources, Holmes and Robach are two "consenting adults" at "equal" professional levels. Therefore, no harm was done. Sources also claim the two had already separated from their spouses before entering into a relationship and were reportedly planning to take their romance public as their divorces were finalized. But the Daily Mail beat them to it.

Show executives are said to have held emergency meetings in the wake of the scandal. But they came to the conclusion that unless ratings fall, they will keep their gigs. The two even joked about it on air during the Dec. 2 broadcast. "It's too bad it's Friday, it's been a great week," Holmes said with a smile. "Is it?" Robach responded. "I'm going to keep going, and going, and going," Holmes said, adding, "Going to take it all in." Robach added: "Speak for yourself. I am excited for the weekend."

Robach's divorce from Melrose Place alum Andrew Shue should be finalized within the next two weeks. They put their New York City apartment on the market weeks before her relationship with Holmes became public. 

Holmes' wife, Marilee Feigbig, has since made her Instagram account private. Both Robach and Holmes deactivated their social media accounts after the scandal broke. 

A source told PEOPLE Magazine that the relationship between Holmes and Robach was "widely known," adding: "There were so many people internally that were unhappy about it." A second source said it was "the worst kept secret."

"They had no shame going out together and have been publicly doing this for much longer than a month," the source said. "Staffers are very surprised it took this long to come out. Everyone was turning a blind eye because they didn't want the controversy surrounding the show."