Watch: Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Celebrity Crush and How She Met Her Husband at a Meet and Greet

Did Carrie Underwood fall in love with a fan?

During an appearance on The Tyler Oakley Show, the country singer played a round of “Dirty Laundry” with Oakley and revealed some juicy secrets!

For one of the questions, Underwood revealed that she has technically made out with a fan because she met her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, at one of her meet and greets, E! News reports.

"I met him at a meet and greet," she dished to Oakley. "You made out like a bandit on that one," the host quipped. "Yeah, I did—made out!" she joked.

So is she saying there is hope for us and our celebrity crushes?

Speaking of celeb crushes, Underwood revealed hers! "Other than my husband—Chris Pine," she said. "I don't ever want to meet him because he's a crush. Just stay pretty on my screens." Good choice!


For the final question, the Grammy winner talked about going commando and admits it never happens.

"I have shorts on underneath everything," she explained. "I have shorts on right now under this. I will not have a wardrobe malfunction of that [magnitude.]"