Travis Scott Reportedly Avoiding Kylie Jenner Ahead of Child’s Birth

Another blow-out fight between Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, reportedly has the latter avoiding his new family and his duties as baby daddy.

The young couple has had a turbulent pregnancy, as Scott has spent a lot of time on the road touring and recording to keep his burgeoning career alive. Jenner's demeanor has reportedly soured in his absence, as she fears for the future of their soon-to-be family.

The tension came to a head this week, when they got into a tiff ahead of Scott's trip to Las Vegas, according to sources at HollywoodLife. Scott performed as a special guest in Vegas on Jan. 23, and insiders close to the couple say before he left, Jenner confronted him about infidelity and "embarrassing her."

Scott's solution, reportedly, is to find even more reasons to be absent. The young musician scheduled even more impromptu gigs and recording sessions in order to avoid the drama he knew was awaiting him.

"Kylie is super moody and stressed out right now and she's utterly furious with the way Travis has been behaving," a source told HollywoodLife.

"Kylie and Travis have been fighting non-stop over numerous things that they refuse to see eye-to-eye on, and as a result Travis has been doing everything in his power to keep himself busy just to be away from her and avoid having to answer her calls and texts messages," the source added.

"Travis was in Las Vegas on January 23 as a special guest performer and before the trip he and Kylie had a huge fight about him hooking up with other women out there and embarrassing her. The tension got so thick between them that Travis decided to take yet another guest performance gig on short notice on January 25 right in her hometown of LA," the insider said.


"Between bouncing around doing little 15-20 minute sets and locking himself in the studio, Travis has been intentionally avoiding Kylie and it seems like nobody can get through to him. Kylie hopes things will change when the baby is finally here, but she doubts it," the insider added.

This may spell bad new for the young parents, who could be finished before they even get started. It doesn't help that Tyga, Jenner's ex-boyfriend, has made himself fully available and reportedly even offered to be in the delivery room.