Teresa Giudice Devastated Over Husband Joe's Deportation, Unlikely to Move to Italy

Teresa Giudice is reportedly 'devastated' by Wednesday's news that her husband, Joe, will be [...]

Teresa Giudice is reportedly "devastated" by Wednesday's news that her husband, Joe, will be deported following his jail sentence.

The Giudices both served time behind bars after pleading guilty to multiple fraud charges. Giudice was released after just under a year, and Joe is nearing the end of his 41 month sentence. On Wednesday, a judge in immigration court ruled that Joe must return to his home country of Italy when his time is up, and sources have now told Entertainment Tonight that Giudice is not taking the news well.

Sources close to the reality star said that Giudice is still holding out hope for the appeal, but things are not looking good right now. They added the Giudices had always known deportation was a possibility, but they were trying not to think about it until they had to.

"The deportation has always been a thing in the back of the family's mind, but now it's a harsh reality," they said.

Even more shocking was the insider's hint that deportation might spell the end the marriage, as Giudice is no longer enthusiastic about moving to Italy herself.

"As much as Teresa said she would live in Italy with Joe in the past, that most likely won't happen as her father is in the States, and so is her family and friends," they said. "If Joe doesn't win the appeal, his relationship with Teresa is in question."

The couple shares four children together — 17-year-old Gia, 14-year-old Gabriella, 13-year-old Milania and 9-year-old Audriana. Another source spoke to ET, saying that the family was blindsided by this development.

"Teresa and Joe both felt they could do their time and then be free to continue their lives, but this is a game changer for them," they said. "Their lives will never be the same. Teresa's closest friends often wondered how Teresa and Joe lived so well even after their trouble. Nothing seemed to make sense, they didn't alter their lifestyle at all. This news was a shock to Teresa mostly because she could never face this as an option in their lives."

Meanwhile, whatever is coming down the line for them, Giudice has reportedly been firm in supporting her husband, even when friends ask her why she puts up with so much grief.

"Many of Teresa's closest friends wonder why she has stuck by Joe throughout this process," an insider said. "But she tells them she loves him and wants to ensure her children grow up with their father."