'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Spotted on Romantic Getaway With Rumored Girlfriend Allison Dunbar Amid Divorce

Ron Perlman and his rumored girlfriend, Allison Dunbar, were spotted on a romantic getaway in Mexico this weekend. In photos published by The Daily Mail, Perlman can be seen lounging at a resort while Dunbar swims, sunbathes and teases him under the sun. So far, the two have not confirmed whether they are really together.

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Perlman seemed to be relaxing as much as possible on Saturday, when photographers spotted him in Mexico. The 69-year-old was reclining by the water in swim trunks and sunglasses as Dunbar bustled around him.

Dunbar, 42, wore a string bikini and sunglasses, and she made sure both she and Perlman got their sunscreen on time. She lathered up Perlman from head to toe before seeing to herself.

Dunbar posted photos from the trip on Instagram, though they did not include Perlman in them. The two actors co-starred in the TV series StartUp last year, and they were spotted kissing back in the spring. Months later, Perlman filed for divorce from his wife.

Perlman had been married to Opal Stone for 38 years before they separated back in May. He filed divorce paper work in November, about six months after he was spotted kissing Dunbar. He and Stone share two children — a daughter named Blake and a son named Brandon, born in 1984 and 1990, respectively.

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According to the divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Perlman will be paying child support to Stone, who is a jewelry designer. However, it has not yet been determined how much they will be.

While Perlman was out of the country over the weekend, he was as active as ever on social media, keeping up with the impeachment hearings and criticizing President Donald Trump. Perlman has been one of the president's most outspoken opponents online, and even went so far as to consider running for office himself to oppose President Trump.

"I am hereby using my immense Facebook presence to announce my candidacy for President of United States, 2020," he wrote back in November of 2016.

It was never clear if Perlman was joking, until January of this year when he endorsed Senator Kamala Harris for the office.


"I am taking me and the beautiful, faithful, visionary citizens that committed to voting for me in 2020, and putting ALL THAT on [Kamala Harris] as our next President," he tweeted. "Ms. Harris, you have my endorsement and my entire heart!"

Harris dropped out of the race two weeks ago, and so far Perlman has yet to endorse another candidate.