Shakira: What to Know About Her Unofficial 'Husband' Gerard Pique

Shakira is about to prove that her "Hips Don't Lie" during her Super Bowl halftime performance. The singer, alongside Jennifer Lopez, might be headlining one of the biggest music events of the year, but it's her personal life that many fans are interested in. More specifically, what is Shakira's relationship like with her unofficial "husband," Gerard Pique?

Shakira and Pique, a professional soccer player for Barcelona and the Catalonia national team, have been in a relationship since March 2011, according to E! News. They welcomed their first child together, a boy named Milan, in January 2013. The couple welcomed their second child, a boy named Sasha, in January 2015. Despite being with Pique for so long and reaching some important relationship milestones together, Shakira noted in a recent interview for 60 Minutes that she doesn't necessarily want to get married.

"To tell you the truth marriage scares the s— out of me. I don't want him to see me as the wife," she said. "I want him to see me as the lover, the girlfriend. I want to keep him on his toes. I want him to think that anything's possible depending on behavior."

In the past, Shakira has made similar comments regarding her relationship with Pique. Back in 2014, the "She Wolf" singer spoke with Glam Bella Latina where she was asked whether she could envision getting married to Pique in the future. According to the entertainer, she didn't believe that it was necessary since they already shared such a tight bond.

"We already have what's essential, you know?" she told the publication. "We have a union, a love for each other, and a baby. I think that those aspects of our relationship are already established, and marriage is not going to change them. But if I'm ever going to get married, he's the one."

Shakira and Pique clearly enjoy a supportive relationship. During their joint 60 Minutes interview, which aired in early January, Pique had nothing but kind things to say about her upcoming Super Bowl performance, saying that he knows that she'll do "incredibly well."

Shakira and Lopez have both also expressed their hopes for the event by telling fans that they're in for an exciting show.


"It's packed with awesome moments," Lopez said in advance of the show, per HollywoodLife. "I want everyone to be surprised… Even when we walked in the stadium the other day, there's so much energy. There's so much attention on this show and this game. It's an intense energy. You have to rise to the occasion and be ready."

"Your show and my show are very different, but they're very complimentary of each other," Shakira added.