Sandra Bullock Reportedly 'Married' to Bryan Randall, According to Friends of the Couple

Congratulations could be in order for Sandra Bullock. According to Closer Weekly, Bullock and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, may have just gotten married. The publication reported that friends close to the couple believe that they should get married, that is if they haven't already and simply not shared the information publicly.

"Sandra and Bryan should just get married already. That's if they haven't already," a source told Closer Weekly. "Friends of the couple say Bryan won't take off his wedding band because in his eyes he's committed to the woman he loves. And he sees himself as married to Sandra."

"Some friends swear that Sandra and Bryan have already secretly wed, with just them and the kids present," the source continued. "That's the rumor anyway and Bryan doesn't do anything to try and dispel it."

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The insider went on to say that Bullock, who shares two adopted children, Louis and Laila, with Randall, would love to show off her relationship, but that she's wary about taking it public.

"She's been down that road and knows full well of the hazards," the source added regarding Bullock taking their relationship public. "Sandra doesn't want the scrutiny."

"Of course Bryan is nothing like her ex, Jesse James, but she's not ready to share her relationship status with the world, or many friends for that matter," the same insider continued. "Sandra is happy, Bryan is her man, and she and the kids adore him. That's all that matters to her."

Bullock and Randall have been linked together since August 2015. While there have been rumors over the years that the couple has wed, in March 2018, a source put those reports to rest by saying that they were not married but that they are basically "soulmates."

"They are soulmates. They understand and respect one another. Their love is pretty deep and intense," a source told E! News at the time. "Marriage will come with time, but if they do get married, it will be private and under the radar. That's just the kind of couple they are, especially since Sandra's life was so exposed with her past relationship. Bryan respects that."

Bullock typically takes a private stance when it comes to her relationship, but, in May 2018, she did open up a bit about her family life with Randall and their two kids.

"He's super kind. For the kids he's sort of No. 1. and I'm No. 2," she said in an interview with InStyle. "But I get it because he's more fun and has better treats."


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