'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Ron Perlman Was Spotted Kissing 'StartUp' Co-Star Allison Dunbar Days After Separation Filing

With Ron Perlman filing for a divorce from his wife of 38 years, Opal Stone, an old photo of him locking lips with another woman is resurfacing, although now the context of the image is a little different. In late May of this year, the Sons of Anarchy star was spotted kissing his StartUp co-star Allison Dunbar. She was cast in the show to star opposite Perlman in 2018 and it seems the two quickly grew close.

We now know from court documents that Perlman and Opal Stone were separated on May 10, 2019. That means that the photo of Perlman and Dunbar kissing happened after he and his wife were separated, although they still were not legally divorced.

There were also signs on social media that the 69-year-old actor and Dunbar, 42, were enjoying each others’ company. He first started showing up in her posts in summer of 2018. In one, she shared a photo from a dinner in California with the caption: “Tuesday night book club. We are currently reading SNOOKI: A Shore Thing. Ron’s choice.”

In January, she shared a group photo in which Perlman was featured with the caption, “Meet the Admin Department for The University of Phoenix. Admissions, financial aid, curriculum planning- we got you covered. Come get your degree online, today.”

Then on May 10, the day he and Opal Stone apparently separated, he commented “Hi back” on an Instagram post she made of herself in a bikini with the caption, “Hello from my ass.”


In an interview with Daily Beast in 2017, Perlman was asked if he has any advice for the rest of Hollywood on how to stay married to the same woman for so long.

"Most of it’s those five magical words, 'You are so right, dear.'," he said at the time. "Took me a while to learn to say those, but once I did, it saved a lot of what could have been very destructive impulses. Those are the most important words in a marriage."