Raven-Symone Credits Wife With Inspiring Her 28-Pound Weight Loss

Raven-Symoné says she has her wife to credit for her dramatic weight loss. After the Raven's Home actress revealed in May that she shed a total of 28 pounds, she gave a nod to wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, whom she married in June 2020, for inspiring her weight loss journey.

Symoné, 35, opened up about her effort to adopt healthy habits and shed a few pounds in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Reflecting on her journey, Symoné said her spouse inspired her recent weight loss, "because we want to have a life together." The actress revealed that she had "horrendous numbers" on medical exams at a doctor's appointment, which encouraged her to make some adjustments to her lifestyle, as Pearman-Maday "doesn't want to take me to an early grave and I want to make sure I am there for her in the best health possible."

The sweet kudos to her wife came after the 35-year-old first shared an update on her weight loss journey in an Instagram Live session towards the end of May. In the video, Symoné quipped, "Pounds down, pounds down... It's a whole pounds down journey" as she revealed her 28-pound weight loss, which she noted was a "s— ton of weight." In the video, Pearman-Maday told her wife, "You're incredible honey. You're doing so good." The actress went on to further open up about her weight loss during a June appearance on Good Morning America.

"I am low-carb as much as I can be. I do very minimal exercise and I am an avid faster. I make sure I have a minimum of 14-hour fast between dinner and...break-fast," she said, adding that she "is not over here trying to be a little twig" and instead just wants to "make sure that my body is healthy and prepared to deal with old age."

Symoné's 28-pound weight loss came around the same time she and Pearman-Maday marked a special moment in their relationship. On June 16, the couple celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion, Symoné shared a heartwarming post to social media, writing to her wife, "you have done something to me that I thought wasn't possible. You've made me smile." In the post, Symoné said, "our path together will be and has been covered in ice, but walking with you by my side, each step we take together melts it and my heart. I love you MVPM, you da plug, the snatcher, the writer, the lover, the mistress, the chef, the brain, the smuggler, the friend, the front and side chick, but most importantly your [sic] my wife."


Symoné and Pearman-Maday secretly tied the knot in an intimate ceremony last June. In announcing the happy news, the actress introduced her wife as a "woman who understands me from trigger to joy, from breakfast to midnight snack, from stage to home." She also shared photos of their wedding rings, also revealing the small "RM" tattoos they got on their fingers.