'Prodigal Son' Star Tom Payne's Wedding to Wife Jennifer Akerman Was Very Unconventional

Tom Payne and longtime girlfriend, singer and model Jennifer Akerman tied the knot after seven years of dating, but the wedding was anything but conventional, Payne reveals. The Walking Dead alum reveals the couple's impulsive wedding story with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“I got married on my birthday on the 21st of December,” Payne said. “We finished shooting before Christmas and Jennifer was just like, ‘Let’s just do it.’ We delayed it from April because we were going to have 150 people and all this stuff. Obviously that fell by the wayside.”

“We got married in front of our fireplace in our house by our contractor,” he added. “By the way, there’s no way we could have done it in front of 150 people. Jennifer couldn’t say her vows, I had to say it. She gave me a piece of paper.”

The Prodigal Son star shared the news via Instagram with a Happy New Year post from the newlyweds. "Happy New Year from Mr and Mrs Payne!!" he wrote.

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As the world continues to move forward in an unconventional time due to the coronavirus pandemic, many weddings have had to undergo some changes. The couple, who was originally supposed to get married in April of 2020, was forced to push the date of the wedding due to the ongoing circumstances.


Akerman shared the news on her social media account with a few polaroid photos from the wedding night. "Last night me and the love of my life got married !!! After having to cancel our wedding back in April and not knowing how long the world will be under lockdown, we felt like we still wanted to end this year as husband and wife, so we did," she captioned the post. "I love you so much @thetpayne and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you xxxx."

Payne and Akerman began dating in 2013 and became engaged in 2018. In April, Payne shared a photo in honor of their original wedding date telling his followers, "Today there was going to be a wedding in New York. One of many I’m sure. Out of all the things that have changed a wedding is something that can wait. We have each other and that is more than enough. Love to everyone out there. Love is all we have. It’s enough for me."